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HC Hot Water, CW Chilled Water Coils are designed to mount on the inlet of the duct fan or inside the ventilation duct.  The coils utilize lead free construction - safe for use with potable water systems.
Aluminum fin on copper tube construction.
All coils are factory leak tested to 500 p.s.i.
Hot Water Coils are 2 row, Chilled Water Cooling Coils and Direct Expansion Coils are 4 row.
Convenient for both new and renovation installations.
Suitable for remote installation inside ventilation ducts.
Canadian Blower high temperature fans include four aerodynamic designs offer a wide range of solutions for thermal process applications:

    Operating temperatures up to 2,200 F (1,200 C)
    Volumes up to 440,000 CFM (750,000 cubic meters/hour)
    Pressures to 80” WG (2,000 mm WG)
    Fan Wheel Diameters to 102 inches (2,600mm)

Canada Blower  high temperature fan can be designed and built in a variety of configurations to meet your needs (belt or direct drive fans):

    Housed fan
    High temperature plug fans
    Insulated double wall housings
    Un-insulated housings
    Reversible axial flow fans
    Gas tight construction

Canada Blower  high temperature fan can also be custom designed to fit your thermal treatment equipment. Typically, air cooled shaft and bearings are used to eliminate costly and problematic water cooling