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HC Hot Water, CW Chilled Water Coils are designed to mount on the inlet of the duct fan or inside the ventilation duct.  Canada Blower Co. has introduced a new reliable and efficient air make-up unit designs for industrial building ventilation. In industrial plants where there is a high density of employees and many manual operations involved, an improvement in the environment can produce substantial benefits in terms of increased production, reduced errors, and a decline in complaints and absenteeism among employees.

CANADA BLOWER is a well-known supplier of heat transfer coils for a variety of applications. We will build a coil to your design or you can tell us your requirement and we'll design it using our computer coil selection programs.

We specialize in rapid delivery of replacement coils.


Fluid (Cooling & Heating) Coils: Chilled or hot water / glycol coils suited to a wide variety of applications - from commercial HVAC to industrial preocesses.

Steam Coils: Constructed with heavy wall copper tubing

Evaporator Coils: Induvudually designed to optimize performance on air conditioning or high to medium temperature refrigeration applications.

Condencer / Heat Reclaim Coils: Designed to handle your condencing or heat reclaim requirements.

Special Coils: For your special applications or a "one-of-a-kind" replacement.

We make heating and cooling coils for a vatirty of applications including:

 - Hot Water / Chilled Water Coils
 - Glycol Heating / Cooling Coils
 - Steam Coils
 - Evaporator (DX) Coils
 - Condenser / Heat Reclaim Coils
 - "Run-Around" System Heat Reclaim Coils
 - "Special" Coils

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