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Canadian blower fans
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Widely recognized for design efficiency and integrity, Canada Blower airfoil wheel has ideal characteristics for variable air volume systems. The fan's deep spun inlet and hyperbolic wheel cone plus generous fan housing proportions provide a smooth stable air flow over the entire performance range. Precision balancing assures quieter vibration-free operation that adds to the overall reliability and performance of Canada Blower's airfoil fans.
The heart of Canada Blower AF centrifugal fan is the airfoil wheel, the most efficient type for clean air applications. This fan has an enviable reputation for performance and reliability in a multitude of ventilating applications, including industrial supply or fume exhaust systems. The Canada Blower single width airfoil fan is a rugged fan built to Canada Blower's industrial level of quality and long-term dependability.

Single-width fans are offered in Sizes 13 to 89, with pressures to 20" WG and volumes to 220,000 CFM. Ventilator construction flexibility is one ofthe strengths of the fan, available in several AMCA arrangements, including 1, 3, 8and 9 to meet any installation requirement. Canada Blower also offers an alternate Design 51RA fan series especially suited for lower pressure ventilating applications.

The Inlet Volume Control (IVC) provides preciseair control andmore efficient performance at partial loads. Adjustable guide fan vanes pre-spin the incoming air in the same rotation as the fan wheel to produce the desired volume of air at the exact pressure. Ventilator vanes are mounted entirely within the fan inlet cone. The IVC is suitable for manual or automatic operation. The compressed sheet seal mounted between steel plates is designed to reduce leakage through the drive side fan shaft opening. Shaft seals are not gas tight. Outlet Fan Dampers offer an economical alternative to IVCs. However, they require substantially more horsepower at reduced air volume. Dampers for all fan classes have double thickness airfoil blades, and are available with parallel or opposed blade rotating louvres. Dampers have punched flanges on both ends to simplify fan and duct connections. Matching punched flanged fan outlet is required for mounting.

AMCA Type C construction substitutes an aluminum inlet cone and adds a drive side aluminum buffing tube between the fan wheel, shaft and housing. Used when trace amounts of solids are in the fan airstream. AMCA Type A and B SRC also available upon request.