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Canada Blower Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower:

Canada Blower castings blend aluminum with high-strength alloys to create strong, corrosion-free blower housings and wheels ideal for adverse industrial environments. Aluminum also stands up to sub-zero ambients without material deterioration. Since aluminum is non-magnetic and non-toxic, Canada Blower's pressure blowers are recommended for both electronic and food related applications. The non-sparking properties qualify Chicago's pressure blowers for AMCA Type B spark resistant rating. Canada Blower's new series of cast aluminum pressure blowers fills the diverse needs of high pressure applications from combustion air to fume and dust control to food processing.

Each of the eight pressure blower housings can be fitted with multiple wheel / inlet configurations to match the volume required for the application. Depending on any one size there is up to 24 combinations available. With all these possible selections, the user gains the efficiency and maintenance-free advantages of direct drive with the performance versatility of belt drive. Even if performance needs should change in the future, an alternate wheel can be easily fitted t omeet the new blower performance requirement. The blower housing and motor will usually remain unchanged. Chicago Blower Design 38 cast aluminum pressure blowers are offered in eight sizes from 8" to 18-1/2" in combination with 64 unique wheels, all stocked for quick assembly. They produce flows to 5000 CFM and static pressures to 20" wg and have been performance verified in an AMCA certified lab.

Canada Blower portable mancooler provides a quality constructed axial flow fan mounted on a movable fan base. The fan design is similar to the duct fan (Canada Blower model TCDF ventilator) with a one-piece cast aluminum fan wheel mounted directly on the totally enclosed motor shaft. Both the inlet and the outlet are provided with screens as standard, fabricated to meet OSHA safety requirements. For ease of wiring, all motor leads are extended to the fan housing exterior and terminated there in a junction box. The fan’s swivel base allows for a full 360° rotation, thus providing airflow at any angle.

Canada Blower stationary fan mancooler can provide spot cooling or area ventilation while being mounted in an out-of-the-way location. Designed for either wall, column, ceiling or floor mounting, the stationary mancooler can be adjusted for airflow in any direction.

Similar in construction to its portable counterpart, the stationary mancooler is provided with a predrilled base plate for mounting to whatever structure is desired.